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Houses and villas

If you are passionate about architecture or simply curious, we will take you to the foot of these villas, cottages or houses that have made Vichy their home! Be careful, the list is far from being exhaustive, you are not safe from discovering some during your wanderings…

Quite a story!

Napoleon III cottages

From the Second Empire, entire districts of villas emerged at the initiative of private owners under the emulation of Napoleon III. His imperial will is also expressed in this staging of the new Vichy via the existence of cottages along the current Boulevard des États-Unis…

Two incredible villas

We had the chance to visit two incredible villas in the heart of Vichy. A riad in the heart of the city or a villa with architecture untouched since its creation here is the promise of a private visit like no other.

Rue Hubert-Colombier

This street lined with houses of all styles (Art Nouveau, eclectic, neo-classical, neo-gothic…) which connects the thermal district to the old Vichy. Formerly a private road, the janitor occupied the half-timbered house at n°20 built by the architect Vianne.

Resurrections of beautiful homes

Crossed portraits of 3 neo-Vichy residents whose arrival in Vichy and life project contribute to the preservation of the city’s architectural heritage, and even for some to its cultural and tourist offer.