Rue Hubert ColombierRue Hubert Colombier
©Rue Hubert Colombier|Xavier Thomas

Rue Hubert Colombier

the quintessence of the Belle Époque

This street lined with houses of all styles (Art Nouveau, eclectic, neo-classical, neo-gothic…) which connects the thermal district to the old Vichy. Formerly a private road, the janitor occupied the half-timbered house at n°20 built by the architect Vianne.

the quintessence

of the Belle Époque

Rue Hubert Colombier represents the quintessence of the Vichy of the Belle Epoque, when all the forces of life were directed towards the same goal: to make the city ever more modern and attractive to a versatile elite that helped forge the image of Vichy as the “Queen of the Water Cities”. The street, which was for a long time private, is now a passageway between the old town and the city center, and offers a homogeneous group of villas characteristic of an unbridled architecture. Villa Liberty, Villa Gothic, Villa Jurietti, Villa Van Dyck, French Castel are some of these beautiful villas, built to be rented to the numerous curists of the spa or to be the residence of their owner.