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Vichy, the city that we love, that loves you, that wants to do you good: Vichy mon Amour… It is on this line that we wanted to create the Maison Vichy.

In the heart of the Fer à Cheval

The world of Maison Vichy

Vichy mon Amour wanted to reinterpret its icons, because if Vichy is timeless, it is eternally renewed. So that they can be tasted, worn and shown again… And these icons needed a heart, a case, a home. In a place as iconic as they are. Nestled in the heart of the Horseshoe, where the heart of the city beats. Welcome to the Maison Vichy.


Hubert Colombier Street

If there is one street that is not to be missed during your stroll, it is the rue Hubert Colombier.
It is lined with houses of all artistic styles and connects the thermal district to the Old Vichy.
Formerly a private road, a janitor’s office occupied the half-timbered house located at number 20.


The sources of the Old Vichy

As you stroll through Old Vichy, you can’t miss passing two of the city’s many springs.
Aquatic sources, but also sources of inspiration that have enchanted the artists who have decorated them.

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The banks of the Allier

First of all an important trade route, the Allier makes Vichy suffer its devastating floods. From the 19th century, the river was dammed up thanks to various parks, including the Napoleon III park. These parks constitute the Lac d’Allier. Today, the right bank of the Allier has become a must for your visit. Have a drink, relax, do your sport, everything is possible along the Allier… Which has become one of the main allies of the city of Vichy.

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The Old Vichy

Valery Larbaud

Born in Vichy, was an innovative poet and writer, who also made a point of discovering the talents of foreign writers he met during his many travels : Butler, Joyce, Faulkner, Svevo, Gomez de la Serna… The municipal multimedia library houses the writer’s library (14,000 books, 200 manuscripts, 8,800 letters, prints, photographs, etc.) preserved in its furniture and according to their original classification. The Centre Culturel in Vichy, located in place of the former Petit Casino, bears his name.

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Madame de Sevigne

Famous curist, the Marquise made two cure stays in Vichy, in 1676 and 1677, to treat rheumatism in her hands and knees. In her letters to Madame de Grignan, the Marquise de Sévigné spoke of Vichy in these terms: ‘It is certain that the waters here are miraculous’; ‘I therefore took the waters this morning my very dear. Ah! how wicked they are (…). We go to the fountain at six o’clock. Everyone is there. We drink, and we look very bad, for imagine that they are boiling and have a very unpleasant taste of saltpetre.”

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