Motorcycle roadtrip in the Bourbonnaise MountainsMotorcycle roadtrip in the Bourbonnaise Mountains
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Crisscrossing the roads

Motorcycle roadtrip in the Bourbonnaise Mountains

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Between Vichy and Montoncel, the temptation is great to follow the road. The one that follows the course of the Sichon, and takes the visitor from village to village, in the heart of the Montagne Bourbonnaise. A road trip on two wheels for a handful of enthusiasts.

Green roadtrip

In a haven of peace...

The Sichon takes its source in Lavoine, on the slopes of the puy de Montoncel in the Bois Noirs, in the Montagne bourbonnaise, to come and flow into the Allier in Vichy, not far from the Rotonde du lac. This is where a handful of motorcyclists, passionate about bikes as heterogeneous as atypical, met.


Along the Sichon

The Sichon digs its furrow between meadows and steep gorges along the departmental road 995. The road scrupulously follows the meanders of the Sichon.
Here and there, in the summer, it is not rare to see some bathers who have come to take the fresh air.
The horizon widens in meadows and undergrowth, the road takes a more rectilinear pace.

See you in the village


The hour is advancing and we must reach the next stop: Arronnes. This small medieval town that developed around a priory founded by the abbey of Cluny in the 11th century is today just as famous for its church as… for its baker.


Fish farming

After this little break direction Ferrières. Of course the village conceals some surprises like its wash house or the Fairies’ cave but what attracts is at the end of a stony path that descends towards the Sichon. There, a fish farm is nestled. A place a little out of time where one comes to catch a few trout, in family, “to please the kids”, delighted to be able to taste their catch on the spot thanks to the barbecues put at the disposal of the visitors.



Saint-Vincent rock

On the road

The Rocher Saint-Vincent is a must, a block of lava which culminates at more than 900 meters and offers a panoramic sight on all the Mountain bourbonnaise. Composed of several rocks the place is a recognized climbing site. Not far away the Pierre fendue is a real geological curiosity.

Water and ball clock

of Lavoine

For the time being, it is another curiosity that brings the group to make an unusual stop: Lavoine’s ball and water clock. Unusual and rare since only two other examples exist in the world, in Munich and San Francisco.