Motorcycle roadtrip in the Bourbonnaise MountainsMotorcycle roadtrip in the Bourbonnaise Mountains
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Discover the mountains by motorcycle

If there is one place where enjoying a roadtrip seems obvious, it is in the Montagne Bourbonnaise. Winding roads, small villages and an omnipresent heritage are generally good indicators to go for a ride!

Bourbonnaise Mountain

The must-haves

From Vichy to Saint-Nicolas des Biefs via Saint-Yorre or Billy, discover the 30 must-sees of our territory. Museums, cottages, fortresses, parks and many others await you.

In the Bourbonnaise Mountain


Between Vichy and Montoncel, the temptation is great to trace the road. The one that follows the course of the Sichon, and takes the visitor from village to village, in the heart of the Montagne Bourbonnaise or the one that will lead you from producers to restaurateurs, all under the validation of Loic Ballet himself!

The most beautiful


It is a land of harmony, gently balanced between meadows and wooded hills. In their western part, the hills undulate under the pastures still delimited by natural hedges typically bourbonnaises which structure the landscape.

A must see!

The villages

Go from village to village to discover small craftsmen, cultural or natural nuggets. Let yourself be guided by the winding roads of the Montagne Bourbonnaise to these little corners of paradise.