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Fastes and not furious

Thermes des Dômes

The Thermes les Dômes located just a stone’s throw from the Parc des sources, live in the resonance of a prestigious past.

An architecture


A central building and several annexes, one wing of which is still overlooked today by two neo-Byzantine style towers (the former spring water reservoirs), welcomed a crowd of patients who were sometimes festive, sometimes diligent; if they were beginning their thermal redemption journey… From this lavish era, the generous architecture of a building that is now partially occupied remains. In the current Vichyssoise thermal offer the Thermes les Dômes occupy the middle of the range between the Vichy Spahôtel les Célestins and the Callou thermal baths, dedicated to traditional 21-day cures.

The care

thermal baths

Here, a maximum of 150 curists are pampered every day of the season (March to December) thanks to conventioned (3 weeks) and non conventioned (3 to 4 days on average) therapeutic cures but also thanks to an offer of shorter stays (from 2 to 9 days) centered on health restoration. Obesity treatment, overweight and rheumatology are among the two medical prescriptions that could attract you there. The thermal baths are also open to the inhabitants of Vichy and to younger people who are concerned about their well-being or who want to lose a few extra pounds. Massages under affusion with physiotherapists, swimming pool and thermal water bubbling baths, massaging jets, hamam, sauna, modelling, peeling, ardiotraining make the happiness of the curists of the XXIst century who pass indifferently in front of the very beautiful collection of devices of mechanotherapy of the beginning of the previous century. The prospect of a good pastry shop in the city center no doubt…