Vichy Queen of the water citiesVichy Queen of the water cities
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Vichy, Queen of the water cities

Vichy today bears witness to its 2,000 years of water-related history. From its classification as a world heritage site in 2021 to the genesis of its springs and the arrival of Napoleon III for his cure… Here is its history.

Since July 2021

Vichy classified as a world heritage site

On July 24, 2021, the 44th World Heritage Committee meeting in Fuzhou, China, inscribed the eleven major European spa towns, including Vichy, on the World Heritage List, recognizing their outstanding universal value. These eleven cities* form a carefully selected series of hundreds of spa towns in Europe. The springs, the thermal establishments, the places of promenades, operas, theaters, music pavilions, train stations, parks, cafes, golf courses or racecourses… everything that is preserved today from this prosperous period, testifies to this exceptional intangible value.

Its history

Vichy Laboratory

One of the particularities of Vichy’s thermal activity, what makes it truly singular and different, is the extraordinary creativity in the exploitation of the mineral resource. To put it simply, everything has been made in the name of Vichy: skincare products, drinks, fabrics, pastilles, carrots, soups, showers, bath salts, lipsticks, digestive pastilles, ointments, beauty products, health products… But of all these standard-bearers, there is one that makes the name of the city resound louder and further: the Vichy laboratories.