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since 1906

Sunday shopping

If Vichy is attractive today, no longer to an exogenous clientele which made the wealth of the spa town, but to the native populations (Clermont-Ferrand, Thiers, Moulins, Roanne, Lyon…), the town surely owes it to the law of July 13, 1906 on Sunday rest and in any case to the exemptions authorized by its status as a spa town

A downtown

Open on Sunday

With its downtown stores open on Sundays, Vichy remains the city of shopping that no “fashion villa” will dethrone. Here everything (almost everything, let’s say) fits in a big pocket handkerchief: a triangle crossed by pedestrian lanes and covered passages for the most part and delimited by three streets in which, as soon as the nice days come, Mr. and Mrs. Everyman check their social status in the shadow cast by their car on the store windows!

The four roads


This cohabitation of pedestrians and cars continues to delight the crowds who, once the car has been parked, find themselves in one of the cafés on the corner of Rue Lucas (opposite the shopping center, built on the site of a former military hospital) and Rue Georges-Clémenceau, two highly strategic roads.

The four roads

... and a shopping center

As it is placed, the Quatre-Chemins shopping center, at the crossroads of Lucas and Georges-Clemenceau streets, in the axis of the rue de Paris, you won’t be able to miss this glass and steel building, or else you’ll have a warthog in your eye. We’re kidding, but the other day, a wild boar was found lost in the laundry room of a famous Vichy palace.

You are rather...

Shopping ? Walking? Both ?

And now that the stage is set, it’s time for shopping. Vichy is the real commercial epicenter of the whole region. Whether you are a compulsive or a rational shopper, you will always find a good reason to come to Vichy, if only to stroll through its many shady parks and to go from surprise to surprise; if you have any sensitivity to the architecture of the Belle Époque, Art Nouveau or Art Deco.