The way of lifeThe way of life
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Way of life

Treat yourself to a few suspended moments between a lunch on a hidden terrace, a Sunday shopping spree, a spa afternoon or simply a sunset by the water. It’s a Vichyssoise way of life!

La dolce vita

The banks of the Allier

You dreamed of leaving your Vichy hotel in a bathing suit on a hot summer evening to take a refreshing dip in the Allier. After this swim, you would have met up with friends in a bar to sip a margarita or a strawberry gingham before walking down a beautiful alley lined with hundred-year-old trees to return home in the heady scent of honeysuckle. This dream of dolce vita: Vichy has done it.

Since 1906

Sunday shopping

If Vichy is attractive today, no longer to an exogenous clientele which made the wealth of the spa town, but to the native populations (Clermont-Ferrand, Thiers, Moulins, Roanne, Lyon…), the town surely owes it to the law of July 13, 1906 on Sunday rest and in any case to the exemptions authorized by its status as a spa town

Stroll in the parks

The new parks are the rendezvous of all those who, to the manifestations of the elegant life, prefer the long reveries and the silent meditation in front of vast horizons. This poetic invitation still resonates for the current walker of Napoleon III and Kennedy parks. In addition to their bucolic qualities, they are a playful eden for children, sportsmen, numerous cyclists or runners.