View on the Bourbonnaise Mountain from Châtel-MontagneView on the Bourbonnaise Mountain from Châtel-Montagne
©View on the Bourbonnaise Mountain from Châtel-Montagne|Cindy Michaud
In the Bourbonnaise Mountain

The most beautiful viewpoints

Through small winding roads with vegetation abounding, the relief of the Montagne Bourbonnaise is revealed as you quickly rise to more than 1000 meters of altitude. Little by little, its mountainous character asserts itself, its inspiring panoramas open up to 360°.

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Most beautiful views

The Montagne Bourbonnaise invites you to celebrate the natural beauty of the valleys that have been shaped by the slow and respectful work of generations of mountain people. Recollect yourself in the monument of nature. Let the light and the incomparable colors of the highlands fill you up.

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A country of harmony

It is a land of harmony, gently balanced between prairie plateaus and wooded mountains. In their western part, the hills undulate under pastures still delineated by typically Bourbonnais natural hedges that structure the landscape, guard the herds, and shelter a small wildlife as precious as unsuspected. In the eastern part, forestry gradually takes over and the more marked relief is covered with coniferous and deciduous forests, oaks and maples giving way to the beech forest at the mountain level.


Classified Natura 2000

The plateau of La Verrerie

Planted with heather, ferns and broom, thisvast expanse of moorland and peat bogs explodes with a thousand colors, a cameo of greens and golds staked with all the shades of a flora as fragile as it is precious. Classified Natura 2000 and now dedicated to pastoralism, it is crisscrossed by trails and discovery pontoons. On its eastern edge, the Roannaise agglomeration can be seen, and even further away, when the conditions are right, the prodigious mass of Mont-Blanc.


Pierre Châtel

La Pierre Châtel, a rocky escarpment and picturesque place offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Bourbonnaise Mountain.

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Le Rocher Saint-Vincent

Towards the south of the massif, the canopy of the ridges is sometimes pierced by rocks that outcrop just enough to discover vast panoramas favored by the softness of the reliefs. Thus, in the direction of the sunset, the Puys chain is iridescent at dusk with a honey green light from the Saint-Vincent rock.