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48 hours in Vichy

Lights and… Action! For nearly three months, from July to October, the emblematic monuments of Vichy and the Bourbonnaise mountain are illuminated to tell their story. Twenty minutes of sounds and lights, at nightfall, for a magical show that will enchant young and old.

Free circuit

The 12 must-haves

Like a Proust’s questionnaire which draws up in a few questions the portrait of the one who lends himself to it, the circuit of the 12 inescapable places of Vichy draws succinctly but in a faithful way the image of this city with the charms and the multiple influences and leads you in the search of a lost time…

Visit - Show - Exhibition

Grand Casino

This year the Palais des congrès – Opéra de Vichy brings together several activities. On the program: escape game, free visit & audio augmented at the Opera, exhibition Portrait(s), teas of the emperor … You should find your happiness.

Our guided tours

Each year we offerguided tours and theatrical tours that let you discover or get to know Vichy better. You will go through the second empire, Vichy 39-45 or the world heritage listing thanks to our lecturer guides.

All summer it is about fifteen visits that await you … attention the reservation is strongly advised.

Dolce Vita

The banks of the Allier

Summer is the season when parasols grow like chic-bohemian mushrooms on the banks of the Allier. On Friday and Saturday nights, we go to breathe at Pride where a wind of hedonism, freedom and freshness blows, right next to the river. Live music or DJ Set, Mojito or caipirinha, planks of cold cuts or shrimp fritters what does it matter as long as we live, we feel and we dance.



Gourmet break

After a long walk, a gourmet break is mandatory! Whether it’s savory or sweet, Vichy won’t disappoint you. To please the children, to bring back Vichy pastilles or chocolates for the family, these are some good (false?) excuses to push the door of our favorite ice-cream parlors or confectioners.