Fortress of the wizardsFortress of the wizards
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The Wizards' Fortress

Apprentice wizards, come and express yourselves, for a weekend in Billy, in the most famous school of magic and witchcraft of all times.

Live the experience

In immersion

Our decorations and our cosplayers will allow you to immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere and to take many souvenir photos. Meet the teachers who will take pleasure in sharing their knowledge with you (potions, wand handling, riddles, spells, dragonology…).

In the family

Come and live the experience

Magic wands, scarves, chocogrenouilles, butterbeers, books, posters and other goodies… Push the door of the Wizard’s Shop, you will find everything you need to perfect your panoply. Magic, wonder, shows and banquet will make you dive into the universe of the young wizard with the scar on his forehead.