Vichy sound and light showVichy sound and light show
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Light on the Bourbonnais

Lumières sur le Bourbonnais
Lumières sur le Bourbonnais
Lumières sur le Bourbonnais
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The Festival

The “Lumières sur le Bourbonnais” tour, initiated by the Conseil départemental de l’Allier, stages the monuments thanks to a soundtrack and adapted visuals. Facing the animated facades, you will discover, with amazed eyes, a specific staging where each window, sculpture and ornament is set to music and light.

Sounds & Lights

Palais des Congrès - Opera of Vichy

The “Lumière sur le Bourbonnais” festival stages from the majestic building of the Palais des Congrès and the‘Opera on the theme of the rebirth of the Towns of Water. The show is to be experienced as a modern children’s fairy tale that transports the audience into the wonderful, rich and eventful world of the history of the Queen of the Water Cities over the millennia through 6 thematic tableaux. In addition to the magical side of these shows of a few minutes, broadcast in a loop, it is also an opportunity to discover the heritage thanks to the projected visuals and a carefully crafted scenario.

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Sound & Light

The church of Saint-Saturnin

At nightfall, a surge of color will fall on the buildings of the Hôtel de la Borderie and the Church of Saint-Saturnin! An evening during which Cusset transforms the Victor-Hugo square into a real fairy-tale place. Already illuminated last winter, the historical center of Cusset (Louis XI Tavern and Saint-Saturnin Church) will once again don its clothes of light offering a sequel to the first opus “On the Bourbon Trail“. This show will take you on a colorful journey, where the influence of the princely family and the elusive evolution of Cusset will follow.


New in 2021

Notre-Dame Church in Châtel-Montagne

The history of the town of Châtel-Montagne takes shape on the facade of the Church of Our Lady. The building allows you to go and meet Romanesque art and its specificities. Mountains, peat bogs, rivers, natural heritage as well as local legends will be on the agenda. The façade lights up to the rhythm of the music. Different paintings are created before the eyes of the spectators. One of them highlights the local environment, the landscapes formed by the Bourbonnais mountains that transform over the seasons to put on their white coat in winter. Another painting is devoted to the construction of the church, the village’s major building dating from the Romanesque period.

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