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Opera Open Up

Vichy Mon Amour is happy to make you discover, during a visit in all autonomy, the Opera of Vichy

At your own pace

Free visit

You will have the privilege of wandering at your own pace and soaking up this exceptional place. Inaugurated in 1903, the work of Charles Le Coeur, Lucien Woog and Jules Simon, with more than 1400 seats, the Opera Theatre was at the time the largest theatre in the province and for decades contributed to the influence of the Station.

In residence

One season

The Opera then possesses, for the season which extends from May to September, its own orchestra, its choirs, its singers, its corps de ballet and welcomes as guests, prestigious conductors and soloists. A listed monument and a unique testimony to the “Art Nouveau” era, it presents a marvelous decoration in a harmony of gold and ivory. The highly talented artists who shaped this decoration are none other than the ornamental sculptor Pierre Seguin and the renowned painter-decorator Léon Rudnicki, former students of Lucien Woog, as well as the ironworker Emile Robert.