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Renaud SAUZEDDE started his professional career as a graphic designer in the skateboard and board sports industry. He then founded his own brand of electric guitars Customs



Renaud SAUZEDDE began his professional career as a graphic designer in the skateboard and board sports industry. He then founded his own brand of Customs electric guitars, for which he was art director and designer for 10 years. The constant need for adventure and artistic exploration then led him to take up tattooing, a technique that allowed him to further develop his style and creativity.

The studio

Vichy Venice

After carving mandolin in a previous life, Renaud SoZ as he monograms himself from now on decided to come back to the essence of his art: plastering his singular graphic universes on plural supports. Bike tank, forearm, packaging, calf, skateboard, shoulder, sneakers, thigh, poster, nothing resists his inspiration…

Side of style, at first glance SoZ is a bit of Hokusai inviting himself to Motörhead, but digging into his recent vichy inks a bit, one is struck by the unexpected lineage that emerges with printmaker Paul Devaux. That said, sending wood is rather a compliment when one claims to be a child of the board. Besides, SoZ assumes his dichotomy right down to the name of his little company where Vichy-les-Bains rubs shoulders with Venice Beach in a strange vertical symmetry. We will therefore classify the artist in the most beautiful register that is : that of the unclassifiable !

The Shop

Vichy Venice

Barely installed at 2 passage Giboin, Renaud Sauzedde opened a boutique at number 17 in association with his botanist compère Guillaume Blondeau. There, in the 24 m² of a pocket store, he brings together their universe to all 3 (with @jesussauvage), halfway between the salvation of Saint-Louis and the perdition of Casino.

The concept of this store is to put design in a jar : motorcycle, knife, skateboard, leather, wood, textile, Bougnat, Frenchy, Yankee, vegetable, artisanal, rare, unpublished, small series… they mix their favorites in a joyful telescoping that makes sense.

Vichy by So.Z

The art of the poster

Influenced by the urban and rock culture of North America (skate/street art), but also by the Art Nouveau movement and the art of the poster of the last century, Renaud SAUZEDDE mixes and appropriates instinctively all his passions and the carved stones of his past, to build and restore original personal creations.