Julien DurixJulien Durix
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Julien Durix

Julien Durix from Vichy is a gifted brush artist, hyperactive of acrylic. As a child, he fell into painting, pushed into the pot by family figures who were also artists.

His path seemed clear, yet he was almost lost when, at the age of choice, he set out to find a “real job. Fortunately, the serious plans having failed, he bet on the three boards he had in advance and the good numbers came out. Life is a game, that’s why kids are easy. Julien Durix is a kid who has fun. And the kid is popular: the Bartoux galleries who signed him early on exhibit his work on the fields of Paris, the beaches of Normandy and the slopes of Courchevel, but also in Singapore, New York… In the catalog, he is in the company of Chagall, Warhol, Picasso…

When asked which stars illuminate his universe, he quotes a few classics, then Banksy and JonOne. And indeed, his painting synthesizes the sense of situational absurdity of the former and the chromatic dimension of the latter. Illustrating the same influences, it combines the black of Street Art and the Pop Art colors of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein.

An artist, a real one

In its universe

The themes are transgressive without bias and irreverent, without violence. They borrow from the aesthetic codes of the post-war period and the sixties, confront lightness and seriousness, organize improbable encounters between Charlie and Mickey or Popeye and Mohamed Ali, and even hybridize icons, such as Marilyn as Mona Lisa or Obama as Superman. However early his career, the acceleration was brutal. But the orbit is taking shape and with it (several times) the tour of the planet.