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Mathieu Carmié

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From his inner forge came Hugo, Pablo and Sparrow, these steel lego characters that embody his unquenchable thirst for creation. Meeting with Mathieu Carmié.

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Some people have a special gift. They know how to detect the amazing grace in what, to us who are blind, seems trivial, uninteresting, even off-putting. Mathieu Carmié sees. He is of this temperament: a raw talent, as if inhabited by a fire, as if fanned by the incessant need to challenge himself, to move forward with challenges.


Hugo, Pablo & Sparrow

From his inner forge came Hugo, Pablo and Sparrow, those steel Lego characters that embody his unquenchable thirst for creation. The same as the one we felt as children, after having religiously opened a box of multicolored bricks, for a fleeting moment, everything was possible.

The child has grown up and his dreams with him. Of course, with 127 cm under the head and weighing about 50 kilos, these guys have made the buzz even in the Danish firm. But it would be reductive to lock him in this Lego mania.


He is a hunter-gatherer of the beauty of the world who seizes opportunities as they arise, if they arise. Between the great genius tinkerer and the ingenuous craftsman, he does not know, he does not want to choose and in his workshop in the Bourbonnaise Mountains, he recycles, or better, he reenchants metal into furniture, lighting and other objects that we are reluctant to call everyday objects.



Sometimes man remains magnetized to his creations that he cannot bring himself to sell, like these guitars in which one feels that he has put too much of himself to part with them. Because if he diverts, the man does not cheat, does not spare himself. He has chosen to take a path as incandescent as a blast furnace casting, balanced on a via ferrata, without a lifeline.
Moreover, when we met him, he was resting after a climbing accident (which he practices, like everything else, without moderation) and we felt that this immobility was weighing on him: not being able to swing above the void suspended from the cliff, not being able to use the discs on his grinder, nothing to spit fire, nothing to polish the mind. When we left him we wished him to get back (to creating), quickly. It is now done.


The House France 5

During Stéphane Thebaut’s visit to the Maison France 5 in Vichy, we were able to discover the work of Green Workshop in its workshop in the Montagne Bourbonnaise. To see or to see again urgently!