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Between Billy and the Bourbonnaise Mountain

On the trail of the fortresses

Billy, the Montagne Bourbonnaise and Cusset share a common point: the Middle Ages! Go from the fortress of Billy and its guided tours to the underground of Cusset for a visit in the heart of history.

Ruin of a castle

Castle Montgilbert

In a wilderness site, the imposing ruins of the th century castle, a military stronghold of the Bourbons, have been the subject of safeguarding work for several years by volunteer workcamps.

Prison Tower and the underground

The royal city of Cusset

The last vestiges of thefortifications erected in the 15th century, the underground passages of Cusset offer a total immersion in the military art of theMedieval Age and the museum traces the history and urbanistic evolution of Cusset within one of the last vestiges of the fortifications built at the request of Louis XI.

Medieval village

Billy's fortress

Extended by brush for several centuries, the military fortress of Billy has found its soul.
Classified as a historic monument, its successive restoration projects and its guided and animated tours,
give new life to the pride of the Bourbons.